Holiday Pro Sale

Running is just better with friends. You can help each other improve, cheer each new accomplishment, and keep one another motivated. And right now, you can get a free matching gift membership when you upgrade your account or renew early.

You can also buy a discounted membership as a gift (for yourself even), if you’re not interested in the “buy one give one.” To do this, the trick is to first logout. Then go to the gift page directly. You can give the discounted gift to a friend or claim it yourself.

You can use pro features to help you learn from your best runs, prepare for your next race, or just help keep you motivated to stick with your commitment to your training.

You can learn more about Smashrun Pro by checking out our Pro FAQ.

Remember our holiday sale is designed to introduce new users to Smashrun Pro, so the matching gift is for users who haven’t tried Smashrun Pro before. If you want to renew a friend’s Smashrun Pro membership, you can also log out of your Smashrun account and then buy a gift membership at a big discount.

With Pro, you’ll both have access to:

  • Progress Towards Goal
    Reach your goals by knowing what distances you need to run to stay on target.
  • Training Bands
    Visualize training intensities by pace, HR, and hill grade to understand your past and current training load.
  • Pro Map
    Get a detailed breakdown of your custom laps, HR zones, pace buckets, and your fastest segments.
  • Pace Trends
    Track your best performing runs to measure your long-term improvement.
  • Analyze Run View
    Learn from your best runs by analyzing what worked and what didn’t in the training leading up to a race.
  • PR Progress
    Plot your historical PR’s and use them to identify PR’s you can beat.
  • Trend Comparison
    Compare your training to friends and other runners and visualize changes in distance, devotion, and speed.
  • Automatic Sync
    Garmin, Suunto, and Polar watches will automatically push every new run to Smashrun.
  • Pro Badge Series
    A new set of badges to earn and keep you motivated in the new year

You also get access to the Smashrun Performance Index, Pace Stability, Stryd Power display, Garmin Laps, and the ability to compare your training trends and performance vs other runners on Smashrun.

Happy holidays,

Chris, Jacklyn, and Steve



Hi! I see you mention Stryd Power Display here. My Coros watch has power data, which is exported to my Strava runs(which is in turn uploaded to smashrun). Am I able to view this data as a new Smashrun Pro member?

Thanks for your work!


We import power from Strava, so if it the data is present on Strava we should have it as well. For now, power shows up on the pro map, as one of the data streams, but we don’t have aggregate/summary power over time type reports.

Megan M Silveira

Thank you for continuing this sale every year. I renewed early and need to decide who to gift the free membership to.

I’ve been on smashrun since 2015 and haven’t earned a new badge in a long time. The ones remaining are the ones really really hard to get. It would be nice to have some fresh badges added, both for free users and pro users. For what its worth, the Two by 99 by 5k badge had a major impact on my running in 2017 and I would love other types of challenges to get me to try different things.


I agree. Over the years, at the end of every attempt I made at the Towering Staircase, I was such a stronger, fitter runner.
You can reset the badges to earn a 2nd of some of your favorites, but of course, a brand new challenge is much more exciting.
We’ve got a long list of badge ideas, hopefully we can add some new ones soon.


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