Changes to get around Garmin Outage

UPDATE: Garmin is now 100% back up, and everything is back to normal.


Although Garmin Connect is now mostly restored, at this time it’s still not possible to export your runs from the Garmin Connect website. You can see this readily enough if you go to Garmin Connect and click the settings gear and choose Export original source. Instead of a handy, new FIT file chock full of data, you’ll instead receive a very boring error message.

That error is the root of the error that many of you are now seeing on Smashrun if you’ve been using Garmin Sync to import your runs. The detailed data for this run is missing from Garmin. That says it all really. We depend on this functionality to import your runs, and we have no idea when it will return or even if the data has survived on their site.

Murphy’s law just about guarantees that as soon as Garmin started having troubles at the end of last month, you almost certainly ran your fastest/longest/best run, and we know you want to see how it measures up. So we’ve been hard at work adapting a new technique to sync the details of your runs, and we’ve written scripts to go back and retrieve all of the data that’s missing. We just released those changes tonight.

This is good and exciting news, but also not without some caveats. The new technique has some issues that may be a problem for some users.

  • There’s an issue with Connect IQ fields that might prevent it from working. FIT files handle these really well, hacky fixes to work around outage, not so much.
  • There may be some issues identifying pauses. We do our best to spot them, but unlike with FIT files we don’t have clear indications of where they are.

If everything imports just fine, then great, no worries. However, if you run into one of the issues above then you’ll want to follow the instructions in the previous blog post to import the FIT file directly from your watch. The process is manual, but it works.

We’ve heard nothing more from Garmin than you have. But we’ll keep you abreast of any developments as we figure them out.

In the meantime thank you all for your patience and support.

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