Garmin Outage – how to export your data


Garmin Connect’s website is now back online, however the functionality to export FIT files from their platform is still down. This means that although we can can sync your summary data, we’re not able to get the detailed pace and maps that come through the FIT import.

We’re looking at workarounds on our side, but in the meantime the procedure below is still your best bet to get all of the details of your latest run imported.


Garmin’s down and, if you’ve never done it before, exporting data from your Garmin device may not be the most intuitive process. Rest assured, you can still salvage your streak and you still have a source of truth!

If you have a Garmin watch that doesn’t support music, the steps for exporting your data is as simple as plugging in your watch (via USB charger) to your MAC/PC. Your device should mount to your computer like a hard drive which exposes an Activity folder.

Within this folder, you’ll either see a list of TCX or FIT files. You can import files individually or in bulk, as a ZIP file, to Smashrun. Remember that you can also import files via email (detailed in the aforementioned link)!

Alternatively, if you have a Garmin device that supports music, you’ll need to use a utility such as to access the same files from your device. However, the steps are similar to the above.

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There’s an unique activity id in the FIT data so I suppose no duplication issues once Garmin gets their mess sorted?

Miha Rekar (Join Run)

Worth noting that on Garmin devices with music, the devices are using MTP for which there is no native support on macOS. The way around it is to use Android File Transfer.


I have a FR245M and I do exactly what you write. No extra utilities required.


If I have Garmin pushing to SmashRun, won’t the runs appears twice once everything finally syncs? It’s the only reason I haven’t done this yet. Thank you!!


Lauren, No, they are not appearing twice. Garmin successfully sync’ed for me this morning, so hopefully they are recovering. Smashrun seems to be smart enough to recognize the duplicate entries and discard the additional entries.


Hi! My runs are posting from Garmin again but I keep getting an error that says โ€œThe detailed data for this run is missing from Garmin. โ€œ how can I fix that?


Iโ€™m new to SR (post-Garmin hack) and get this message on all of my runs after they synch. Does anyone have a solution? Thanks!


Hello team, I have trouble with my runs. No GPS trace are loading on Smashrun. It happenned after july 28. Smashrun says : “The detailed data for this run is missing from Garmin”. Is there something that I have to do in settings or…? For eg. my today run :
Thanks guys ๐Ÿ˜‰


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