1:00am Saturday night – release time!

Another exciting weekend here at SmashrunHQ. We’ve been rushing to fix a host of registration, ranking and Nike sync related issues that have materialized recently. If you had trouble importing your runs, you’ll want to go ahead and give it a try again.

We’ve fixed at least a half-dozen edge cases. Some of them were really painfully esoteric.

  • Who knew Nike runs from early 2010 in Australia have invalid time zone signatures? -21 hours GMT is not a valid time zone guys. It’s +/-14 hours only.
  • And how about trying to parse a time string like “9:08”. It seems JavaScript treats 08 as an octal value – an invalid octal value. So that meant you could book a run that was 9:06 minutes long or 9:07,  but try 9:08 or 9:09 and you were out of luck. That’s fixed (we hope!).

While that’s all well and good. It’s not very exciting if you haven’t been having trouble. So we threw in at least one solid improvement. The bottom of the run overview section used to contain “Best times for most commonly run distances.” That was a bit silly. It’s now called “Personal Records” and it contains links to your best 1mi/5k/10/half marathon/marathon times. And we threw in a nice little sparkline to boot.


If you run into any problems, please shoot us a line at hi@smashrun.com. We’ll be doing really frequent releases until all these issues are sorted out. And then it’ll be time to work on some more exciting things, like: new badges and community features, and charts, and additional device imports, oh my!