Winter Headliner Voting Results


It’s the end of Winter and the start of Spring! That means it’s time to tally the votes and start work on last season’s Headliner Feature.

For those who are unfamiliar with Headliner Features – it is how we highlight some of the most frequently requested functionality on Smashrun. I say some because Smashrun gets a lot of requests for new features.

(And we do keep track of every request and every user who requested it.)

Many of these are generally small: fixes, and tweaks to existing functionalities that often make it into our smaller releases. Yet, we also receive requests that are much larger in scope: features that require months of development and testing. These are the ones that make it into the Headliner Features and that will, ultimately, become a part of Smashrun Pro.

Our first round of voting just ended this month and we will start building Progress Towards Goal (yeah!). In the next few weeks, we will put up the next set of Headliner Features and add the ability to comment on each one. The goal is to foster a discussion around each feature so that, if it gets the most votes, it is built to the specifications that make the most sense to our users.

Updates will be posted along the way to keep everyone in the loop!

  1. justin

    Super excited to see the Progress Towards Goal stuff. Keep up the great work guys!

  2. Adam Styles

    Fantastic! I do some planning and tracking of progress myself on a spreadsheet but to have Smashrun to motivate me will be really useful.