Splits on the by run page


We’ve just added splits to the by run page. Check it out there’s pretty spiffy animation.


You can also easily highlight and scrub across to see multi-mile/km splits. And pro users can see their elevation splits as well and open up any split in the Pro Map for further analysis.

  1. smasrun user

    Noyce. It seems like every time a want a feature it appears. Thumbs up dev team.

  2. G D

    Ohh, It’s a good feature for accurate GPS trackers!
    Thanks a lot!
    Maybe it’ll be better to add averaged values for 0.5.25 km.

  3. Turkas

    What about laps? In garmin i have the laps information for my series training, but in SmahRun i cant see it..thats is a PRO feature or is not a feature at all at this point? Thanks for a awesome site!