Smashrun Sale


Smashrun summer sale puppy joy

Note: The pictured puppy is not our actual puppy. Our puppy refuses to sit still in front of a green screen.

It’s Summer! The sun is shining and the whole world is out running.

Because we like you guys we’re temporarily discounting Smashrun Pro by 25%. If you’re a new user now is a great time to try out all the cool stuff to help you train, and new badges to keep you motivated.

If you’re already an existing user, then you may want to renew early. You’ll save money, and you’ll help us cover the cost of the new server we just bought this month – Did you notice how much snappier things are loading recently?

  1. Jim

    Timely given mine was coming due in November. Grabbed this deal for another year! Thanks for the great work! (And thanks for the link to your pup’s IG)

  2. Andrew

    Damn…I renewed 10 days ago.

    That’s ok though, totally worth the full price.

  3. Jelle

    I renewed not too long ago… but was happy to renew again for another year after the current one expires. Saving a bit of money and supporting the Smashrun team covering hardware costs. Totally happy with Smashrun. Keep up the good work.

    • Chris

      Every time that I’m a bit worried that we’re cutting it close to the bone, I’m just amazed at the support we get. Thanks!

      • Noel Hibbard

        Good to hear you’re getting support. I’ve done some free projects for the SimRacing community and have been really shocked at how few people are willing to contribute money to developers who are volunteering their time. Seems people expect everything for free these days.

  4. Ruud

    When does this offer expire? I just discovered Smashrun and want to give it a try before buying pro.


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