Site outage


UPDATE (25 Oct – 3:45PM GMT+1) The HTTPS site is back up. Everything should be back to normal. Please let us know if you find otherwise.

For Garmin Auto-Sync users: Garmin only re-attempts the push at their discretion so, in theory, they ‘should’ re-push your run again sometime later today… Alternatively, you can also click ‘Export as original’ on Garmin Connect, while viewing the run, to manually upload the FIT file to Smashrun.

Our HTTPS site is currently down. We’re working to fix it, but any realistic estimate of expected down time has to take into account the fact that the only member of our team who is qualified to fix it (Steve) is based out of the US, and it’s still very early there.

Login and most sync is down, but if you’re still logged in you can import via file and email, and the stats pages should still work fine.

I know there’s nothing more frustrating than having a great run (or even an OK run) and not being able to sync it. We’ll sort it out as fast as we are able.


  1. Khuram Murad

    its okay now. i as worry this morning coz i am addicted to see my running activity on SMASHRUN . thanks for informing.
    Good Luck.

  2. Jim

    If it helps, it was down as early as last night around 7-8 Central. Never mind my entry on the discussion page. Just saying the same thing as what you said above about it being down.

  3. Ryan

    Assuming I’m using the Garmin Auto-Sync function, what happens if a run skipped being imported when the site was having issues? Will it be imported when the next run I have gets imported or do I need to do something in order to get it into Smashrun?

    • Jacklyn

      Ah. Good point to bring up. I added a note to the update above! Garmin has a process that will re-try any push that ‘failed’ – of course, because they do this at their discretion, there’s no easy way to tell when that will happen… but it will eventually happen. A safer bet is to export the FIT from Garmin Connect and upload it to Smashrun.

  4. LoneStar

    My “failed” push is in there already, @Ryan. Garmin pushed it back through. Might want to check yours now.

  5. Caitlin

    I still can’t sync from Ghostracer. Thought maybe if I just deleted and re-added my smashrun account from GR.. but now I can’t even add my SR account to Ghostracer, I get an error. Please help!

  6. Khuram Murad

    Im still unable to sync my running using Caledos Runner. will this issue be resolved or i should say “goodbye” forever?

  7. Jim King

    Hi, my run on the 25th also failed from garmin. I added manually but now want to get the actual run uploaded. Last night I sent the email with the file over but it still hasn’t uploaded. Should I try again or wait a little longer?