Quick patch


We just released a patch for a number of issues that popped up after our release last week.
Thanks to everyone who emailed us about the problems you’ve encountered. Hoping this should resolve a great many of them.

If you’ve had trouble with:

  • Syncing runs from Nike
  • Editing manual runs
  • Importing from or linking to Garmin (beta testers)
  • Getting a Corleone Badge before missing any days
  • Missing runs charts.
  • Missing maps

Hurrah! We’re reasonably sure you should be all sorted out.

If you’ve had trouble breaking your 10k PR. Then we suggest you use another browser besides Internet Explorer, and hold down shift while clicking refresh immediately before your next run.

  1. Erwin

    Doh, that should have been…

    “If you’ve had trouble breaking your 10k PR”

    Train harder!