Nike Integration Update


Dear Smashrunners,

SmashrunHQ here – with a small bit of context for the Nike situation we find ourselves in – as well as a quick update on our progress towards resolving the recent Nike+ run import issues that continue to impact the majority of us since their (excellent) site upgrade on June 6th. We know you all want to sync your new Nike+ runs in order to Make Every Run Count, as well as continue making progress on the new badges that we released earlier this week! Please rest assured, we feel the same way, and are doing everything in our power to address this problem.

First, the context: Nike’s recent site upgrade looks good, and is much better than their old site from a technical perspective. However, Nike has not ever provided direct support to third-party independent developers and companies such as Smashrun, and these nice new Nike changes broke our bespoke Nike-to-Smashrun autosync functionality. Without Nike’s support to restore our access, team Smashrun has been burning the midnight oil to reverse-engineer Nike’s changes and modify our application to work with their new website.

Second, the good news: Smashrun now understands the changes that Nike made to their site, approves of them as a dramatic technical leap forward, and has a plan to adopt a new process for syncing your data back to Smashrun. Although, we do not have any realistic timeframes for resolution to share with you at this moment, it is worth mentioning that we believe we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We appreciate your support, and we appreciate you bearing with us while we figure this out. We’ll continue to update this space with more information as it becomes available.

Cheers and Happy Running,
Chris, Jacklyn, and Steve

  1. Len Hardy

    Hi Guys –

    I use the “unofficial” Nike + API to sync run and GPS data to my personal website. As you noted, it’s broken with the new Nike + site. Would you be willing to share what you’ve discovered about the new site and the new API?

    Thanks, Len

  2. Jim Golightly

    Thanks for the update and all the hard work. Good luck!


  3. DJ

    I guess the good news is that despite the release of Nike+’s new and improved website many of us still prefer smashrun. Light years better!

  4. John

    Good luck with updating the changes. This site is tremendous and I plan to keep using it.

  5. Jack

    Im keeping all my nike runs queued up waiting for that glorious moment when i can sync them all again. Way to go chris on new version, it looks great!

  6. Sam

    Missing smashrun :(

    Even when you get Nike+ Sync support fixed I’ll still probably be out of luck because I use a Garmin and the site that I use to convert Garmin to Nike+,, also broke with the update. I guess I’m kind of hoping for a direct import from Garmin soon. Have you looked into how runkeeper does it? It works very well, doesn’t pull from the Garmin site, but from your computer,
    Garmin ANT Agent…

      • Sam

        Great news, thanks for letting me know, one step closer! Going to go ahead and get all my runs uploaded to that. I’m sure smash run will have their sync sorted out soon too.

      • Jacklyn

        Very nice! I didn’t realize it was up and running again. I’m looking forward to testing it out once we release our patch – and it’s looking ‘really’ good.

  7. Jose Antonio

    What´s the status? When will it be up & running…?

    • Jacklyn

      It’s been quite a challenge, because Nike changed a lot of things in terms of how they’re storing user data. We then had to figure out how to map existing user information on Smashrun with their “revised” user info stored on Nike. It was a mess. Tough to just wrap our heads around it, but we’re very close. We’re just doing some final tests now. Thanks for sticking around with us!

  8. Gavin Roy

    Looking forward to Nike+ sync working again… Or TCX file uploads, whichever comes first 😉

  9. Havish Madhvapaty

    the awsmithson website was working for the last 3 – 4 days and even though the completed notification does NOT appear and it shows that it is still uploading – the upload was successful!
    Today the upload bar appears but they are not registering on Nike s website.

    • Jacklyn

      I use the same import and it seemed to be a little unstable at the beginning of the week. We’re guessing he might still be working on it. It used to take me seconds to convert/upload a run but 2 days ago, it took 2-3 minutes to do one run at a time. Yesterday and today? Lightning fast.