Nike Importer


It appears Nike+ has also made a few recent changes this week, which is now affecting Smashrun’s Nike importer. Unfortunately, if you’re a Nike+ user, this means you won’t be able to sync your data until we can release a patch but, we’re working as quickly as possible to resolve the issue.

  1. Stas

    Thanks for making it public I love that you interact with community in this way. Gonna wait for patch now.

  2. Shane

    That explains it! Thanks for the heads up Smashrun team! Any ETA?

  3. GiantAnteater

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop. It seems like Nike does this every once in a while. I’m glad that your team is “on it”.

  4. cjo

    Is “sync” the right term for this capability? I’m fairly new to SmashRun but the couple times I’ve used this it appears to just import data from Nike, not sync data… If a run is in SmashRun but not in Nike I haven’t seen that the run is uploaded into the Nike site. Or is this one of the issues that the recent Nike changes has caused?

    • Jacklyn

      It’s a one-way sync. We’re syncing from Nike so as to match the data you have there and be able to view it on Smashrun. For the most part, Nike+ is a closed environment. That’s what makes it so hard for us to patch things up whenever things break because they’re doing maintenance. Although, we try to keep the import process pretty seamless… whenever it’s working.

  5. Jerry

    Yeah just hit me too…. a run from 3 days ago was fine… but the one from yesterday…. not syncing…. and yes… the nikeplus site has been going down for maintenance recently too…

    • Jacklyn

      Nike’s been busy rolling out changes since, from what we could tell, approx. 5am yesterday EST so any runs from yesterday and going forward will not import. Of course, the fact that Nike’s site has been up and down all day today and running super slow has only made it all the more challenging to fix, but we’re definitely working hard at it.

  6. Josh Boothman

    Thanks for the info as I was just about to email about this.

    Presumably, if and when this is patched we’ll be able to sync any runs we’ve done during this ‘down time’?

  7. Mark

    Just signed up as a new Smashrun user last week… SR grabbed all my old Nike+ run data, but my run today remains unsynced…

    Just patience required?

    • Stas

      There is a button for synchronizing new runs, you can find at the top right of the screen – under “logout” link.

  8. Stas

    Oh, ok. However I’m just a user and I just wanted to help. So you should continue to try to contact smashrun or send them an email because I must say I never had any problems with synchronizing new runs, it works instantly for me.