nike import issues (2.16.12) – FIXED


Nike Update: we are aware that quite a few Nike+ users are having some trouble importing their runs to Smashrun today. Last night, Nike implemented some changes to their site that is now affecting the way we import run data. We are looking into it and will try and push out a fix as soon as possible. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Update (2.17.12): Spent all of yesterday pinpointing the issue that came up with the Nike import and pretty much figured out what the problem was. We should be able to release a fix by this evening. Happy Friday!

Update (2.18.12): Fixed! Please try importing your Nike+ runs and let us know if you find anything unusual.

PS: keep an eye on more frequent updates via @smashrunHQ

  1. Jérôme

    No problem guys ! :p
    btw, always… ALWAYS pbs with nike stuff :'(

  2. Michael

    will we be able to upload gpx or tcx files directly to smashrun ?
    this type of file has a determined structure and won’t change every month like the Nike+ API…
    Good luck !

    • Jacklyn

      Yup! Definitely. That’s actually what we’ve been working on lately. Got slightly derailed by Nike+ import issues. I’ve been running with a FR405, so it’s coming.

  3. Kevin

    Sounds good, thanks for all the great work. Another format to look into (and I wish I could help by sending examples but I haven’t bought one yet) is the CSV format that the MotoActv exports as. I’m hoping to pick up one this spring.

  4. Jacklyn

    CSV will actually probably happen shortly after the TCX/GPX file import. We also want users to ultimately be able to export .csv so we’ve got our eyes on it!

    • Kevin

      Sounds good – I just got the motoactv so if you need example CSV files please don’t hesitate to email me for them (just don’t laugh at how slow i am 😛 )

  5. Jon-Ace

    The comments section doesn’t sync to the correct dates.

    • Jacklyn

      oh.. haha – that’s because we had to tweak the “post” date in order to get the blog notification icon to pop up in – otherwise, the updates don’t get picked up. We’ll fix that later. It’s not really a priority right now :)

    • Chris

      With the new run import? You’re getting comments showing up for different runs then they belong? I’ll look into it. Not sure what’s going on there.

      • Jon-Ace

        Yes. For example, after reimporting all my runs, the comments for the 14th and 18th were the same.