Nike import is down while Nike upgrades


UPDATE June 6th, 11pm
So we’ve finally got access to Nike’s site again. It looks great, a big improvement to be sure, but since Nike doesn’t officially have an API we’re a little broken at the moment. Nothing that we can’t fix, but please bear with us as we adapt our code.

Thanks for you patience and support.

Looks like Nike is upgrading to their new site today. We’ve been unable to login since last night and right now it looks like the Nike Plus site is just returning a 404. If there’s any impact on Smashrun when the new site is live we’ll try and resolve it as soon as humanly possible.

Also still working today to resolve some of the Facebook integration issues some people are getting. Hoping to get that sorted out very soon.

  1. Jamie

    Will we be able to upload Nike Data, or Garmin data while the Nike Upgrade is going on?

    • Jacklyn

      Hi Jamie, unfortunately it’s not possible since they broke all connections with 3rd party sites during their upgrade, but we’re sorting it out as quickly as we can!

  2. Jose Antonio

    I will keep accesing to Smashrun as soon as you adapt your application to the Nike+ site. I miss Smashrun…

  3. Aitortxv

    I’d love to be able to upload from garmin and ditch Nike+ once and for all… pretty please…

    • Kiwi Al

      I’m with Altortxv on this one, I kind of wish Nike+ hadn’t changed their site because it messud up importing to Smashrun. The only reason I use Nike+ is to look at split times. Am going to buy a Garmin in a few weeks, I know the Smashrun team is working on Garmin importing so I’ll wait patienty.

    • Jacklyn

      Yes.. us too! Garmin’s absolutely top on our list. As Garmin users, ourselves, we’ve prioritized Garmin and have already finished the initial preparation for its integration. Sadly, the Garmin API is incomplete – it’s a dead end API so we’ve got our work cut out for us. But… it’s not something we can’t figure out.

  4. Oscar

    Would be nice to be able to upload data from Swimovate Poolmafe Pro, Finis Swimsense or Polar Watches, so swimmers, bikers and runners can have all their data in the same website !!!!!
    thanks in advance !!!!

    • Jacklyn

      To be perfectly honest, our focus is solely on running right now… but, of course, we understand the importance of cross-training so we are trying to figure out the best way to include it on Smashrun without taking away from our focus. Polar is also on our list of initial devices to integrate so it will happen!

  5. Mike

    My fb posts aren’t showing up — can you take a look when you get the chance please?


    • Jacklyn

      Hey Mike – we’ve fixed the Facebook issue for our upcoming patch! We’ll update everyone here on the blog, on our Facebook page, and Twitter as soon as it’s live :)

      • mike

        Hey Jacklyn –

        My runs post now, but they don’t say my custom message. Is this a known issue?


        • Jacklyn

          Arrgh.. not a known issue! Can you take a screenshot of the custom message you included and what actually posted on Facebook? Send it to me via pretty please