Nike API Issues


Yesterday there were some changes made to the Nike API that prevent us from syncing Nike runs to Smashrun. We’re looking into a resolution and will keep you posted.

We’ve reached out to the people at Nike’s API partner program. The program has been closed for some time, but we’re hoping that they might make an exception. We’re waiting on their response now.

Nike import is BACK UP. Still unofficial, but it’s working.

  1. Eoin

    Thanks Chris, really hoping there is a resolution soon. Love your website!

  2. Lisa

    Thanks, I was wondering! Nike’s updates have been … less than stellar. I blame them.

  3. Paul

    Wish I’d read this before I tried syncing about 20 times over the last day or so :-)

  4. Deb

    Having a problem syncing from iSmoothRun today as well — Error uploading to SmashRun, Error saving a run: An error occurred saving an API activity while saving run source list to database[ismoothrun]

  5. madarivi

    I’m having trouble syncing from runkeeper (using tapiriik). On tapiriik’s end it says the activities are synchronized, but they don’t show up in smashrun.

  6. Andy

    it seems that due to the issues with nike , i can’t log in to smahsrun either. Is that because i log on with my nike account ?

    • Chris

      When you first registered we made you create a Smashrun password as well. You should be able to login that way as well. If you forgot the password the password reminder link will send your smashrun password.

  7. Lionel

    Stupid question, but isn’t it the same problem that you had with Garmin? It seems they authorize only the app with the OAuth 2.0, meaning the old way doesn’t work anymore. Even the developer console is now protected by a password :(.

    • Chris

      Yes. The major fitness platforms seem to be increasingly closed off. In Garmin’s case they charge an enormous fee, and even then only allow access to 30 days of data. Fitbit, Apple, Nike, Suunto all allow data sharing only with a few major players and even then with some major restrictions.
      I still believe that Nike will do the right thing here. To be honest I can’t understand why they wouldn’t…but then again, I have been often surprised.

      • Lionel

        During the transition period or if nike deactivate the API definitively for you, is it possible to import the data from RunGap?

        RunGap export nike data in JSon format (look like the original Nike API format) but it isn’t possible to import such file in SmashRun.

        • Chris

          It might actually be possible although I haven’t attempted it. Try renaming the file to a .nike extension, and then importing it like a file. There’s an old pathway in the code to handle that but it hasn’t been tested in ages.

          • Lionel

            The file is accepted but I receive an error ‘Error getting missing StartDateTime field. . ‘.

            Let me know by email if you want (have time) to dig into that direction.

            An IFFFT rule like “if new zip file in dropbox -> sent email to smashrun” could solve the issue. I really appreciate your pro version and adding the run manually doesn’t provide me the same result.

        • Chris

          Wait, am I missing something? RunGap has a direct integration with Smashrun. You should be able to send the run directly.

          • Lionel

            true, I miss that one (never used RunGap before) but only via the non free Swag Bag. Need to pay for Smashrun (and I’m happy for that), need to pay for RunGap, it becomes to be a lot just because Nike isn’t able to provide the right tool for their watch…

  8. K

    This is unfortunate, hopefully this get resolved soon. Otherwise, keep up the good work!

  9. Dan

    I feel bad for the Nike+ users. I moved on to the TomTom about a year and a half ago. I don’t miss the Nike watch. I still use the Nike+ app, but only to track shoe usage. Syncing seems to be an ongoing issue. TomTom syncs with Nike. I was happy when smashrun began to sync directly with TomTom. I still think this is a great motivational site. Since I’ve achieved most of the free non-marathon badges I don’t view my stats here as often. But, I do look at my training over time monthly.

  10. ceronne

    Is there a way to add Polar records (or Runkeeper) directly into smashrun?
    I was passing through Nike+ in order to see my activity in Smashruns (Polar –> Nike+ –> Smashrun)

  11. Ray

    The new Nike update has been getting Savaged by users in reviews . I refuse to update to it so I hope there’s a way that the old app will still be viable on here.

  12. Kristin

    Gah! I was wondering why my runs weren’t syncing! Dang it, Nike! I updated when the initial app refresh debuted in August. I promptly found an archived version on my computer and reverted back. I’ve tried iSmoothRun but it’s so touchy! I’m losing hope that Nike will actually listen to its users, and definitely wary that this sync problem will be fixed. Bummer.

  13. Paul

    Whoever authorised the current Nike+ setup needs sacking. It was never that great an interface in the first place but it’s as if someone thought ‘how can we make this much worse for our userbase?’. And now this, think it’s time to move to a new watch.

  14. Adam


    I’ve developed a work around chrome extension that downloads a Nike+ Activity and converts it to a GPX file. Still very early on right now, but it does the job. I’ll be continuing to develop it to make it look like a more polished piece of software, but right now you have to install the chrome extension manually.

    Any questions, feel free to e-mail me:

  15. Jason

    If the synch to Nike continues to be unobtainable then this great app unfortunately becomes pretty redundant for me

  16. Veronica

    So I setup a Map My Run account and can sync the last few weeks of runs out of Nike. You can then export a TCX file and import that into SmashRun. The TCX doesn’t have as much data, so it’s just a kludge to log the kms. I think a new watch is in order.

    • GrahamT

      I tried that but it didn’t bring in the GPS data, just the run time and distance. Not very useful … could do that faster by manually entering it :(
      I’m happy with the Nike watch, it meets my needs, so I hope a solution is found.

  17. Jim

    Add me to the list of people eagerly hoping a solution is found….

  18. GrahamT

    Confirmed … Working again :) WooHoo. Thanks so much Chris (even if it was nothing you did you still deserve it)

  19. EK

    Has anyone run into this? My missing Nike runs imported – but the GPS data didn’t import for the first 3 runs. When I look at the individual run, it still says “we’re working on this run’s details.” I tried deleting the run and syncing again, but it didn’t re-import the run.

    Thanks again Chris for fixing this issue and for building such a great site!

  20. wendy

    I still can’t synch. I tried removing and readding nike and I still keep getting the nike is being weird message.

  21. Richard Ayotte

    Works now! Nike’s watch is good but their software sucks and their unwillingness to open up their API/source is intolerable.

    Which hardware manufacturer has been the easiest to work with and the most open?

    • Chris

      Magellan and Microsoft were tremendously open. Microsoft in particular has an incredibly robust API, and it’s open to anyone immediately. But of course both companies are out of the fitness hardware business for now.

      There are people from TomTom who use Smashrun, so that helps. We’ve got a nice integration with them, and Jacklyn runs with their watch, so she makes sure the data is good.

      Garmin charges an extortionate fee to access their API, but we’ve paid it (thank users!), so at this point that’s a done deal and the data is FIT, so it’s as good as it gets. In fact, as much as I resent the fee at least it’s an option if you can pay it. We’ve been after Suunto for years, but have had zero luck.

      You can actually export files by hand (outside of integrations) for pretty much every device manufacturer except for Nike and Apple.

      And as far as apps go, iSmoothRun is the only app that’s taken it as a point of pride to export to as many different platforms and file types as possible. Of course, it’s iOS only and not free.

  22. Matt

    Thanks guys! The speed you get things fixed puts the rest of us to shame.
    I was using the Nike+ android app which I quite like, but this episode (on top of previous stuff) has persuaded me that I shouldn’t trust Nike any more. I’ve decided to give Ghost Runner a try instead.

  23. John

    Thank you for your efforts on this Chris and Jacklyn. I ran my third marathon on Oct 2nd with my Nike+ watch and for a while there I felt like it had been stolen from me.

  24. Zsolt Bottka

    Hello Chris,

    Thanks for the good news! One minor issue: it seems to me that for the newly imported runs from nike (sept and oct) the start/end times are off by 5 hours.

    Can you check it?

    • Chris

      This is unfortunately something that comes up quite a bit. We grab the time zone of the run from Nike on a per run basis. Sometimes it’s set wrong on the watch or app, and that’s what we import. You can edit the time manually for the runs that are already imported. Going forward there’s a guide to setting your time zone on the Nike+ support site.

  25. Dick de Wolf

    Thanks for the update and for all your work. Much appreciated. Smashrun is awesome.

  26. VV

    Yah… it’s working good.
    Tanks SmashRun, you’re the best!!! :)

  27. Alberto

    I’m having problems with certain runs not being imported from Nike+. I believe the runs not being imported are runs I’ve done using the new training plans that the nike+ app included (My Coach or something like that)

    Are those runs not available to you guys?

  28. Lisa

    Working again tonight and it imported last night’s run too.

  29. Cody

    I am a new member as of 19 OCT 2016. Nike Plus is not importing. I set my date for Jan 1, 2012. Anyone have the same trouble?

  30. Dan

    Looks like keeps changing their API so it stops working here. Why? I like smashrun and Nike…..they need to talk again soon.

  31. Eva

    Still having issues importing
    Garmin to Nike with gps running the API is not working anyone has an idea?

  32. Graham Kent

    Hi Chris

    Just got a new Apple Watch and am using the Nike+ app, first run comes across to Smashrun perfectly but will not go to Strava, using Tapiriik and on there it says it could not sync because of bad data.
    Any thoughts?