Garmin password reset


Yesterday Garmin invalidated the passwords of many users of Garmin Connect. If you’re having trouble syncing you’ll need to first login to Garmin Connect. Once there, you’ll be prompted to reset your password. After that go back to Smashrun and update your password on the Settings -> Sync page. You should then be able to sync without issue.

Note: If you’re logged in on Garmin Connect’s site already, you may need to logout and login again to receive their reset your password prompt.

  1. Robert Toups

    I am a victim of the Garmin password reset. Garmin has also caused issues with third party applications. RunGap is currently unable to connect to Garmin for synchronization.

  2. GuillaumeR

    I confirmed!
    Log in on GarminConnect will promet you to provide a new password with more security constraints. Then change the setup on garmin connexion in smashrun setup page. Everything will be ok after.

  3. Giorgio

    Thank you very much!
    I just had the same issue, now it’s solved.

  4. Jose Antonio Perez Corona

    Hi, I have the problem with ismoothRun… Does it apply the same solution ? Regards..?

  5. Jose Antonio Perez Corona

    In Ismoothrun I allowed to re-log in smashrun but I still have the error message (1 error Smashrun: Error uploading to Smashrun) do you have any issue with Ismoothrun? Could you help me ?

  6. Sarah Hart

    I can’t sync my new run either, I’ve logged out of GC, but when I log back in I don’t get the prompt to reset my password…any suggestions please?

  7. Michael

    What do you do if you login with Facebook on both accounts???

  8. Jorick

    Any chance you’ll implement an oAuth login? Feels a bit safer than providing my Garmin password…

    • Chris

      Agreed. Unfortunately it’s not possible with the existing API we’re using. The new official auto-sync API will absolutely be OAuth.

  9. David

    I have some trouble with Garmin, I try to change password on Garmin (without request from Garmin), after that I force synchro with smashrun and always error.