Garmin importer currently down


There is currently a problem with the Garmin importer and we are looking into it. For any users who sync their runs via Garmin Connect, please hold off from clicking ‘sync’ until we’re able to diagnose and patch the issue. We’ll keep everyone up-to-date as we learn more.

In the meantime, you can still export your GPX/TCX file from Garmin Connect and import it to Smashrun either manually or via email.

  1. mattbots

    import TCX worked great. thanks for the notice. good luck on the fix

  2. Gonzague

    Could you temporarely disabled the “Sync” functionality, maybe by having a pop-up message when people click on it?

    • Jacklyn

      It would require a production release to disable it, but we’re already working on a fix, so we’ll just go ahead with the patch. If anyone tries to sync, they’ll just get the error (and contribute to our error log). Otherwise, everything associated with the Garmin importer is essentially “on hold” for now.

        • Jacklyn

          Not yet. Perhaps, another late night or two but it’s still hard to say. We are definitely trying to get it fixed as quickly as we possibly can.

  3. FRiC

    Yah, I’ve been wanting to ask this for a while… When I sync my run from Garmin and automatically post to FB, it shows a bar graph, but when I import a TCX file, it shows a map (which is what I expect to see in the first place). Is tihs a bug or a feature?

    • Jacklyn

      That’s not intentional. Unfortunately, we’ll have to patch the current problem before we can dig in to find out why your autopost from a Garmin sync is being represented as a bar graph on Facebook.

      Can you recall which runs auto posted as bar graphs on Facebook? If so, just send us a quick email when you get a chance and we’ll look at it as soon as the importer is sorted out.

      • Gonzague

        For me, it looks like when I post them on FB, it shows with a Map on a laptop, but as a bar graph on the mobile phone.

        • FRiC

          That’s the case when I post manually. When autoposting, it always shows up as a bar graph.

          There’s a different issue I’m seeing right now. After the import was fixed, auto-posting to FB shows a different time (5 hours slower) compared to manually posting.

          • Jacklyn

            There are two processes that run during import. The first one grabs the summary info from the source, the second one goes back and grabs the underlying raw data. It sounds like the auto-poster might be posting before the underlying data has been picked up… and it’s posting the wrong time zone. We’re looking into it now.

  4. Blaine

    If we submit manually via email won’t there be a duplicate when the garmin sync is fixed and it syncs the runs that were manually imported?

    • Jacklyn

      The Garmin sync might “override” the GPX/TCX import (depending on how different the record of the run is based on the file vs. Garmin Connect, because they do differ sometimes), but there will only be one record of the run. Alternatively, you can also set a minimum import date once the fix is out and only start syncing runs again, going forward.

  5. Linda

    ACHHHHH…. because of the Garmin sync failure (and my not noticing the sync didn’t work) – I am back to day 1 (instead of day 25) for the OCD badge.

    • Chris

      Can’t let that happen!
      If you tell me your username I’ll go in and sort it out by hand.

      • FRiC

        Pfft… 25 days? I had *199* consecutive logins and then one day I was so busy I forgot to login. I started over from 1 and I think I’m up to 100 or so now. 😉 Oh and before that I was on a business trip and the hotel WIFI broke down. 😉