Export from TomTom


If you’re running with a TomTom Sportwatch then you’ve probably been syncing first to Nike+ and then to Smashrun. This setup is, obviously, less than ideal. To get the best data quality, you want to get it as close to the source as possible. As the data passes through Nike+, it’s frequently compromised or corrupted entirely. To resolve this, we petitioned TomTom to get access to their API but, unfortunately, we were turned down.

Luckily, a Smashrun user has solved the problem for everyone by writing an application called TTWatcher that runs on your computer and automatically reads your runs from your watch when you connect it and sends them to Smashrun (and other running sites). If you’ve got a TomTom watch, you should absolutely take a moment to read this blog post about how to use it (spoiler: It’s incredibly easy). Also, don’t forget to take a second to “Star” the Github repository.

If you’re a developer and you want to start a similar project to get data from your device and send it to Smashrun, shoot us an email at hi@smashrun.com.

Update: The OSX build can be found here: https://github.com/altera2015/ttwatcher/releases/tag/v1.7.0

  1. Vincent

    Thanks for the head-sup about this program! Sadly I am on Mac, will keep following this to see where its going.

  2. ttwatcher

    Hey Vincent. TTwatcher was writen with a cross platform toolkit, we can probably compile it for mac!

    • Vincent

      Hey ttwatcher that would be really great! If there at least more users like me that use it on Mac of course!

      • ttwatcher

        I’ve uploaded a OSX release, feel free to give it a try.

        • Vincent

          Great very quick!, I downloaded it and it shows my runs. The files I had in the tomtom folder on the pc and 1 without actually running on the watch connected to the pc. I succesfully linked runkeeper & smashrun to ttwatcher. However exporting is not working for me yet. Maybe I am doing something wrong but when I click the Export activity (cloud button) I see a window appearing for just a 1/4 of a second and then nothing. When I try to stand on the acitivity then right-click and choose smashrun or runkeeper I see a exporter window, exporting… but for the rest white and nothing happening (cannot click the ok button). Second try: in settings I didn’t tick auto opening after export in the first try, now I did. Runkeeper now gives me text while clicking on export it gives me now text exporting to runkeeper ( pop up failed) and then done. However Smashrun gives me exporting to Smashrun and done! and yes it auto opens the page with the run on it! So to keep the story short, smashrun works here on Mac when both enabled and auto open are ticked!

          • ttwatcher

            Glad it worked. Sounds like there is still a few rough edges :)

  3. mclanem

    Any chance that the code would be open enough to deal with a polar m400? While they have an export to tux format, it’s all manual to get it out and shared.

    • ttwatcher

      Well that is a whole different beast. My guess is that it would take significant work to make it support the m400. But the code is open source,… so it’s as ‘open’ as it gets.

  4. Billy

    TTWatcher is working and apparently added a new feature for me. I’ve never seen cadence as a metric on Smashrun before, but on the run I just uploaded via TTWatcher I can see cadence. Is this a new feature on smashrun that just coincidentally was implemented today? Whatever the case, I’ve always wanted to be able to see my cadence and now I can! :)

    • ttwatcher

      Hi Billy!

      Cadence was in Smashrun and the TomTom recorded it all along. It’s just that TomTom decided to not export it. TTWatcher obviously does export it!

  5. David

    Brilliant – miles ahead of the miserable TomTom Connect. Easy to install and intuitive – thank you!

  6. Lukas

    First of all thanks for a way to get around the unbelievably slow Nike+ website. However, ttwatcher can not see my watch and therefore none of the runs on it. I did the initial setup for smashrun succesfully and Nike+ Connect is not running. What did I forget?
    (Win10, Nike+ Sportswatch)

    • ttwatcher

      ttwatcher is for the TomTom Runner or TomTom multisport watch not the Nike+ Sportwatch, sorry!

  7. Dan

    Bummed to hear about tomtom to Nike to smashrun export. When I migrated from Nike+ watch to TomTom Cardio Runner, I no longer needed to use a cable for syncing data. Everything is done via Bluetooth connection to my iPhone. Not excited to go back to having to turn on my desktop and plug watch into it.