Editing weather


Edit weather

You can now edit your weather for your run.

And a few fixes:

  • Improved our pause detection algorithm for apps that don’t mark off pauses in files
  • Pro user goal target now shows the target for end of day today, not yesterday (which was really silly)
  • Added several additional calculated values to the Pro section of the run info modal: purdy points, METS, overall average hill grade, average grade of just uphill sections, percent of the run that was flat/uphill/downhill, maximum hill grade.
  1. Adam Salerno

    Uh-oh. Looks like auto weather is going to become a “Pro” feature. :)

    • Chris

      Really don’t want it to be. We’re currently adding weather to about 75% of non pro runs. But there’s holes in the historical weather for some locations. I think what we might be able to do is if a run is imported close enough to the time it occurred we could call a “current” weather service which are far easier to find and cheaper. It’s the weather history where things get problematic.

      • GiantAnteater

        I was thinking the same thing; it wasn’t clear to me that the weather was NOT going to be imported automatically. At least I know I’m not crazy since I couldn’t find it anywhere on the screen.

      • Adam Salerno

        I feel your pain. Just finding historical weather data accurate to the time period you need is challenging enough. Other sites do only provide it on their “Pro” version, so it isn’t like you guys would be out of line to do so. I also think they offer a disclaimer that weather will only be 100% accurate for new imports as well. Just a thought: The best weather implementation with complete data I have seen is done by the offline tracker iSmoothRun. I know you guys mention them on your sync page, so I am assuming you have some contact. If you haven’t already gone to that well for ideas, that’s where I would go.

        • Chris

          We built weather into the interface we’re working on for iSmoothRun. So if they can send it, we’ll just take their weather and use it. Since an app knows when you run, and it’s got the weather already on the mobilie platform, it’s definitely a better place to collect it.