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Nike import changes

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There’s been some changes behind the scenes with Nike’s platform this month, changes that unfortunately severely compromised the accuracy of the analysis we’re able to provide. But before I get into the specifics, I’m going to take a somewhat long and meandering digression. Nike Running has always been a closed platform. You go out and […]

A new app for a new year

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Sportractive is a popular and highly rated free app for Android phones. It’s got a super clean interface, accurate recording, and a ton of features. And best of all, it now has a direct integration with Smashrun. If you’ve got an Android phone, and you’re looking for an easy way to get your runs on […]

API Improvements

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This past week we’ve added a bunch of new functionality to the Smashrun API. We’re moving beyond import/export to try and make some of Smashrun’s unique functionality more accessible. Some highlights: Stats by all-time / year / month Notables for a run Splits by kilometer or mile Return a route map as SVG, GeoJSON or […]

French Foreign Legion Badge

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We’ve had our head down working on: Bulk export, Demographic ranks, and a greatly expanded API. And I’ll be honest. They are each complex challenges, but they’re also all just really very dull. Don’t get me wrong they’ll be great additions to Smashrun, but the work involved is just so exacting and tedious… So, like […]

Some small improvements

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We’ve been pretty busy polishing up the new Garmin Push API, but we still made a little time to add some small but helpful features. Projected finish time If you’ve ever run a marathon, you’ve probably wondered: “If I had run the second half as fast as my first half, what would my time have […]

Site outage

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UPDATE (25 Oct – 3:45PM GMT+1) The HTTPS site is back up. Everything should be back to normal. Please let us know if you find otherwise. For Garmin Auto-Sync users: Garmin only re-attempts the push at their discretion so, in theory, they ‘should’ re-push your run again sometime later today… Alternatively, you can also click […]

Nike API Issues

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Yesterday there were some changes made to the Nike API that prevent us from syncing Nike runs to Smashrun. We’re looking into a resolution and will keep you posted. UPDATE We’ve reached out to the people at Nike’s API partner program. The program has been closed for some time, but we’re hoping that they might […]

Garmin password reset

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Yesterday Garmin invalidated the passwords of many users of Garmin Connect. If you’re having trouble syncing you’ll need to first login to Garmin Connect. Once there, you’ll be prompted to reset your password. After that go back to Smashrun and update your password on the Settings -> Sync page. You should then be able to […]

FBI Badges

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We got bored working on the demographic ranks and waiting for Garmin to take our (your) money, so this weekend we decided to create some cool new badges. Since there’s absolutely no cooler badge than an FBI Special Agent badge, that’s exactly what we made. Every year FBI agents need to meet minimum fitness requirements […]

Garmin update

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We’re still waiting for Garmin to sign off on our API request, but as soon as they do we’ll push it out to our beta testers. If you’re a pro user and want to help beta test the new API just shoot us an email. Upside: Early access and helping the cause. Downside: Potential failed […]